How to convert android into window 7 by Windows 7 Launcher

How to convert android into window 7 by Windows 7 Launcher

Windows 7 Launcher
Windows 7 Launcher

Convert android into window 7 by Windows 7 Launcher

How to convert android into window 7 by Windows 7 Launcher: Hey, 99loot is back again with the latest Windows 7 launcher for android Phone. How many of you are looking for Windows 7 for Android Launcher to get windows 7 style user interface in Android? So, Guys in this article I will share with your windows 7 launcher for android tablet Now, You can make your android phones or mobiles look like windows 7 easily with the Android Launcher. Android OS are very much customizable in use for any other comparisons Operating System. Today We have shared with you Windows 7 launcher for android apk free download, Which you can make your android device Looks like real Windows 7 Operating System and Windows 7 launcher for Android will transform the theme of your Android Phone to Windows 7 like Real Windows 7 Device.

Today, I will share a trick of this application for Android apk free download. You can download its free .apk file. This .apk will help you to modify your Android phone to look like Windows 7. You can change the theme of your Android Phone like Windows 7 launcher for Android will transform the theme of your Android Phone to Windows 7. It will show the same appearance which you see while using Windows 7 on your Laptop. You will able to see start buttons on the left. You will taskbar and all other things which you see in Windows 7.

This application an use all the features of Windows 7 on your Smartphone. You can use the same UI which you expect in windows. This Windows 7 launcher for android is an awesome application to use Windows 7 theme on your Android device.

About Windows 7 Launcher

With this application download, you will find many other features like the recycle bin. The most incredible feature of the launcher is that it comes with an inbuilt internet explorer browser. you will find so many other features like WiFi Kill Pro – Disable WiFi For Others[Updated lollipop fix]. This means that you do not have to install a separate browser in your device as you already have got one.

Windows 7 Launcher apk for Android Smartphone’s


Below are some of the great features of this windows 7 launcher for android mobile, which you can download and Install On your android device right now without any problems follow the very simple methods. So, check some the very easy features of this apk now from below.

Click here to download the application

Windows 7 Launcher


Features of Windows 7 launcher (PC) for android

  • You will see the same desktop style.
  • You will be able to use Recycle bin.
  • You can save so many apps on your desktop screen of your Android Phone.
  • You can add or remove applications using control panel.
  • Real Start Menu Looks like Real Windows 7.
  • Same to Same UI, Taskbar as Real Windows 7.
  • This Windows 7 Launcher has also supported the copy cut paste like real windows PC.
  • There are many different Pictures are available in this application.
  • My Computer Style Inbuilt File Manager looks like Same as Real Windows 7 (Check Screenshots for More).
  • Faster and Smoother Experience, No lag.
  • Your Control panel Is also added in this launcher for browse Settings.


Windows 7 launcher for Android apk Free

Note: Allow the downloading of apps from unknown source. Visit your Android Phone settings then privacy and allow the option to download apps.

  • Now, install the applications on your Android Phone.
  • Now, select the Android Windows 7 launcher as default launcher for Android Phone.
  • After Successfully Download and install this apk in Android Device, Now You can Select on Android Windows 7 Launcher as You can Always use This is Launcher as your Default.
  • Now, It’s Time You can enjoy This this apk in Android Mobile and Get Feel in Real Windows 7 Android Device.


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